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Please check that you have RaidPlanner plugin disabled in joomla. (That’s the same functionality for joomla profile page, but since you are using CB, it’s not needed)
If I understand the issue, that right after saving the profile everything is ok, but somehow characters are “unlinked” from users later.
There are very few places in the code where characters are modified:
– CB Plugin
– Joomla Plugin
– Character editor
And of course on Character editor on the backend.
If that happens when you are not editing characters on the backend, and joomla plugin is not used, only CB plugin and Character editor (what is invoked by the CB Plugin) can be guilty.

Next time can you please check the followings in the database:
What you have in profile_id field of raidplanner_character table for the particular character?
What you see in cb_rpcharacters field in comprofiler table for the user?


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