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1. Ah, most of my Characters in my test environment are atm without a user so that’s “the same user”. Ok, i tested it again. understood! 🙂

2.I’ll reorganize the post a bit. i think it’s better readable then

– When i Edit the Raid with the front-end editor it adds one hour to the starting and invite time.

– Sometimes even 2 hours are added.

Raid in back-end overview


When i open the raid the time which i originally picked is on the back-end view correct displayed

On the right side is the time +1 hour displayed




When i now edit the Raid over the front-end editor the wrong start time +1hour  is picked



After saving the raid the wrong start time(16:00) + 1 hour is displayed


and after reopening the raid in the back-end the time in the back-end was changed by one hour, and on the right, again +1 hour



sometimes the time is +2 hours



Here is the Flash film (recorded with Screen2exe, just in case you wonder why it’s an exe) which shows the raid creation in the front-end:
The event in the film moves forward an hour. the event on the 27th two hours. Atm i don’t know why.



new 3.: when the time changes and the date changes to a new day the next time i edit the raid the date is set on today. (will be fixed with nr.2. just fyi)

new Nr4. When the Raidlead adds someone to the raid he first have to save before he can confirm it.
A direct confirmation is not possible



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