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Hey Taracque,

So I decided to come give your plugin a try again. Tried the 1.9 build or whatever is listed and found/realized it doesn’t have the ES addin that you added. So I deleted/uninstalled from the site and tried the dev build from the main RaidPlanner page and get this error when it’s installing:

Fatal error: Class ‘FD’ not found in /home/<SITENAME>/public_html/tmp/install_569aae9a7e7e2/Taracque-RaidPlanner-3f5e66e/install/install.script.php on line 112

Looks like it installs most of the other parts of it…

When I look under Plugins I see
User – Raid Planner

and under Modules:
RaidPlanner Today
RaidPlanner Events

Any tips or anything I should try to make it work with EasySocial installed? 🙂




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