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1. translation can be done via Transifex.com site. Go to https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/raidplanner/ add the new language, and translate it there.

2. In joomla set the COM_RAIDPLANNER_LEVEL to overridden as Item Level optionally you can change the COM_RAIDPLANNER_MINIMUM_LEVEL and COM_RAIDPLANNER_MAXIMUM_LEVEL tokens as well.

3. Username is a joomla field it doesn’t have any connection with raidplanner. Characters are stored in a separate field, and even multiple characters can be chosen.

5-6. Raid’s can be auto duplicated if you select Automatic repeat in the Template field. That can be setup only on the backend. Automatic repeat 2 days before means the raid will be duplicated 2 days before it starts to the next week. To make raids each day every week, you need to setup 7 raids for a week, and set the Automatic repeat for like 7 days.


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